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The IDA Global Alliance is a non-profit organization based in the United States that works with local organizations and hospitals in Uganda. We are tasked with implementing and supporting activities and initiatives aimed at improving the health status of Ugandan communities by increasing people's access to quality healthcare services across the country.

IDA Global Alliance is committed to promoting the right to health, implementing the third Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of Good Health and Well-being, which ensures healthy lives and promotes well-being for all at all ages, and providing the highest possible level of health services to all people in Uganda through delivery of promotive, preventive, curative, palliative, and rehabilitative health services at all levels."

Using an innovative approach, we seek to actively involve families, community officials, and stakeholders in order to strengthen and sustain Uganda's public and private health providers and health workers, as well as local communities, in accessing improved, quality health services.

Over the years, health service delivery in Uganda has been affected by a number of challenges including non-availability or stock-outs of medical supplies in public health facilities. Some of the causes being Poor planning and forecasting, Limited budgetary allocations; Non-supply of ordered items by NMS (National Medical Stores).

Our goal as a health-focused organization is to pool all available resources to strengthen health systems by raising and distributing additional funds, equipment, and general medical assistance to health facilities and communities, as well as supporting and promoting health initiatives within Uganda.

To be a prominent Nonprofit Organization that contributes to Uganda's vision of having a healthy and productive population that contributes to economic growth and national development by developing programs and activities that help promote health initiatives in Uganda and improve the capacities of families, communities, and health providers to be effective promoters of good health and sustainable well-being.

  • To contribute to the reduction of the disease burden in Uganda.​​

  • Advocate for Increased access to essential medicines and health supplies in Uganda.

  • Work hand-in-hand with the government and stakeholders to improve the quality of health of Ugandans.

  • Support health initiatives in Uganda, Africa.


  • Focus on creating programs, projects and activities designed to help promote health initiatives in Uganda.

  • Mutual respect;

  • Integrity;

  • Pro-people;

  • Accountable;

  • Transparency;

  • Innovation;

  • Partnership & collaboration.

Dr. Catherine Muhumuza (Founder IDA Global)
Dr. Catherine Muhumuza

"My goal is not just to have an impact on a problem, but to solve it."

Dr. Catherine Muhumuza, MD, is a neonatologist at University Medical Center of Princeton At Plainsboro. She is a board certified by the American Board of Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine with over 29 years of experience in the medical field and specializes in Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine. 

She has ties to several hospitals in the Philadelphia area, including Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and Penn Medicine Princeton Medical Center.

Dr. Catherine is currently on a mission to improve Uganda's health status. She has set her sights on ensuring that, through the IDA Global Alliance, families and communities have access to quality health care and health facilities, and that professionals are well equipped with adequate resources to improve and sustain medical service delivery locally and nationally.

Amb. Duncan Laki Muhumuza

"Health and Education are not an option. They are an absolute requirement.:

Amb. Duncan Laki is a Legal Adviser at the Uganda Permanent Mission to the United Nations;


             A Member (Expert) of the United Nations Human Rights Committee; Jan 2015 - Dec 2022.

He is an accomplished jurist with extensive legal experience at the national and international levels, international law expert and committed to International Criminal Justice; detailed knowledge and understanding of international criminal law, international human rights, and international humanitarian law.

Amb. Duncan Muhumuza has worked with many medical professionals and educators, advocating for the majority of people in Uganda to gain access to good affordable health care and quality education.


Together with his wife, Dr. Catherine Muhumza, they started Addy Memorial Hospital, an integrated healthcare delivery provider in Uganda. 

Amb. Duncan Laki Muhumuza (Founder IDA Global)
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We deserve a healthy and productive population
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