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Diabetes Clinics

As with hypertension, the majority of people with hyperglycemia are unaware of their condition, increasing the likelihood of complications developing later. Setting up outreaches allows us to stop and treat the disease before it progresses to a fatal stage.

This outreach activity included assessing, monitoring, and evaluating patients' status via blood pressure (BP), resting blood sugar levels (RBS), and nutrition education.

The outreach's goals are as follows:


  • Provide support to diabetic patients and help them manage their condition.


  • Examine for diabetes complications and ensure that appropriate treatment is in place to prevent the development of complications or, if present, to keep them from progressing.


  • Eliminate poor self-perceived health practices and diabetes misconceptions through health education provided by trained health professionals.


Addy Memorial Hospital Blood Pressure checkup

Diabetes screening of a patient at AMH Diabetic Clinic

Services Provided were:

  • Blood glucose tests

  • Blood pressure tests


Note: On top of the objectives, the above mentioned tests were carried out in order to ensure that patient’s glucose and pressure levels were within the normal range and, if not, initiating the appropriate treatment for blood pressure and/or blood glucose control.


  • Nutrition Assessment i.e. MUAC, BMI; to assess individual nutrition status.


  • Health talks from a nutritionist and a medical specialist i.e. discussing topics on signs and symptoms of Diabetes, importance of early detection, impact of family history on incidence of diabetes, poor diet/unhealthy lifestyle (as in overweight, obesity, physical inactivity, stress) as one of the main causes of diabetes.


  • Referral of patients presenting complications to higher level of care.

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