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Anti-Retroviral Clinics (ART)

One of the main downsides of ART is poor adherence which is caused by a number of factors. These are:


  • Some patients can’t afford the cost of certain treatments.


  • Others don’t appreciate the long queues and waiting times.

  • Lack transport to far facilities


  • There are also frequent stock outs of HIV testing kits and inadequate human resource to offer comprehensive testing and treatment services in most district facilities (Uganda Aids Commission, 2014)

IDA Global-AMH ART Outreach

ART (Anti-Retroviral Medical camp carried out by AMH Team, Kampala Uganda)

According to studies, adherence is an important factor in the success of ART, and this is the foundation of the outreach; to encourage and carry out HIV testing, as well as to prescribe and distribute ARVs. As a result, all people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS will have greater access to cost-effective treatment, care, and support services, reducing disease progression due to poor adherence.

IDA Global Alliance is able to reach patients directly through these ART Clinics outreach programs, combating any social stigmas that affect patient adherence to prescription, bringing services closer to the community, and ensuring that each patient is attended to in a timely manner with care, respect, and the utmost confidentiality.

Services offered at the clinic include, HIV Testing, counselling, Nutrition and Health education, general body checkup i.e. BMI, Blood pressure, all to curb any underlying conditions.

We promote Good Health and Well-being
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